Guy Debord (1931-1994)

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dürfen frei und auch ohne Herkunftsangabe abgedruckt, übersetzt oder
bearbeitet werden."
Text auf der ersten Innenseite jeder Ausgabe der "internationale situationniste"

war wohl in franz.

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>>>>>>>> > text von guy debord
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>>>>>>>> > In fact, it is necessary to finish with any notion of personal
>>>>>>>> > property in this area. The appearance of new necessities outmodes
>>>>>>>> > previous "inspired" works. They become obstacles, dangerous habits.
>>>>>>>> > The point is not whether we like them or not. We have to go beyond
>>>>>>>> > them.
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>>>>>>>> > Any elements, no matter where they are taken from, can serve in making
>>>>>>>> > new combinations. The discoveries of modern poetry regarding the
>>>>>>>> > analogical structure of images demonstrate that when two objects are
>>>>>>>> > brought together, no matter how far apart their original contexts may
>>>>>>>> > be, a relationship is always formed. Restricting oneself to a personal
>>>>>>>> > arrangement of words is mere convention. The mutual interference of
>>>>>>>> > two worlds of feeling, or the bringing together of two independent
>>>>>>>> > expressions, supersedes the original elements and produces a synthetic
>>>>>>>> > organization of greater efficacy. Anything can be used.
>>>>>>>> >
>>>>>>>> > It goes without saying that one is not limited to correcting a work or
>>>>>>>> > to integrating diverse fragments of out-of-date works into a new one;
>>>>>>>> > one can also alter the meaning of those fragments in any appropriate
>>>>>>>> > way, leaving the imbeciles to their slavish preservation of
>>>>>>>> > "citations."
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