topsy. sency. twitter.

>>> eine feine suchmaschine ist:
>>> einfach und mächtig

topsy und sency stellte ich auch am 4.5. beim twitter vortrag von aki
und ak is in s vor
daher auch nochmal ein cc an prof. astrid beck, deren AK IS eine feine
sache ist.

Real time search with Sency is a real time search engine which allows you to easily
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tabs. The first tab is called what's being said and it shows you the
latest comments for the particular keyword that you searched for. This
tab removes links from the results and just shows you content based on
time. The second tab, titled Today's Most Popular links -- shows you
the most shared links today on social networks for the keyword that
you searched for. So, if you search for Yankees, the what's being said
tab will show you what people are saying about the Yankees right now.

When searching the real time web, it is often beneficial to search for
two subject matters at once. For example, if you want to see how the
iPad compares with the Kindle -- you can search for iPad Kindle. This
will show you individual comments from people that include both

As more and more social networks allow users to post status updates,
and as more and more users take advantage of existing social networks
such as Twitter -- there is going to be even more data on the web each
day. And, this data can give you an unfiltered look into the public
thoughts. For these reasons, real time search is here to stay and the
quicker you use real time engines, the quicker you will learn ways in
which they can help you.

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In meiner 1. Woche auf der neu geschaffenen Social-Media-Stelle in
@StabiHH gleich mal'n Twitter-Widget ins Blog gepackt: 43 minutes ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by you



und auch textundblog aka markus trapp konnte ich gut miteinbinden in
den vortrag. wg. #fcsp


sodele, damit wäre der kreis wohl geschlossen, der da wäre planen,
vorbereiten, bekanntmachen, durchführen. die nachbereitung fällt ab
und an leider unter den tisch. nun mal nicht. fein. cu.

MfG, Karl Dietz