The Market Logic of Information ...

>> There can be no doubting that advanced information technologies
>> will bring large-scale social change. The technology is advancing at
>> an extraordinary rate in quantitative terms, and it will probably
>> continue to improve by a factor of 100 each decade. Sheer
>> computing power and communications bandwidth will be abundant.
>> The hard question is what direction the consequent social changes
>> will take. The technology is not only increasingly powerful but
>> highly malleable. Its qualitative architecture is capable of evolving in
>> many different directions, depending on who can assemble the
>> resources to build it and secure the cooperation of others to use it.
>> And that is a political and economic question, as much as it is
>> technical. Social institutions will shape the technology, even as the
>> technology provides raw material for the reshaping of institutions ...
>> aus:
>> Philip E. Agre
>> The Market Logic of Information
>> Department of Information Studies University of California
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