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> On Tue, Mar 8, 2005
>> The market and temporary protection a better alternative for artists
>> and the public domain
>> An essay by Marieke van Schijndel & Joost Smiers
>> Hard to imagine
>> Some serious cracks are surfacing in the system of copyright, as
>> we have known it in the Western world for a couple of centuries.
>> The system is substantially more beneficial for cultural
>> conglomerates than for the average artist; a situation that cannot
>> last. Furthermore, it seems inescapable that digitisation is
>> undermining the foundations of the copyright system. It must be
>> acknowledged that several authors have recently presented
>> analyses of the untenability of the contemporary system of
>> copyright. Yet, most of their observations only allude to -- but do
>> not address -- what we deem the most fundamental question of all:
>> if copyright is inherently unjust, what could come in their place to
>> guarantee artists -- creative and performing -- a fair compensation
>> for their labours, and how can we prevent knowledge and creativity
>> from being privatised (Bettig 1996; Bollier 2003: 119-134; Boyle
>> 1996; Coombe 1998; Drahos 2002, 2002a; Frith 2004; Lessig 2002,
>> 2004; Litman 2001; Perelman 2002; Vaidhyanathan 2003). It is
>> time to move beyond merely criticizing copyright. The pressing
>> question is: which alternative can we offer artists and other cultural
>> entrepreneurs in rich as well as poor countries that benefits them,
>> and that brings the increasing privatisation of creativity and
>> expertise to a halt? Our goal in this essay is to develop such an
>> alternative, and to move beyond any notion centred on private
>> intellectual property rights.
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