Michel Foucault (1926–1984)

>>>>>>> "Wenn sie meinen anstelle der offiziellen Institution könne
>>>>>>> eine andere
>>>>>>> Institution die selben Funktionen besser und anders erfüllen, sind
>>>>>>> sie
>>>>>>> bereits ein Gefangener der herrschenden Struktur." Michel Foucault
>>>>>> Pierre Victor: "Man muß den Spieß umdrehen. Die Welt kann nicht
>>>>>> umgestürzt werden, ohne daß dabei etwas kaputt gemacht wird."
>>>>>> Michel Foucault: "Vor allem muß man den Spieß kaputt machen."
>>>>>> [...]
>>>>>> (1972)
>>>>>> Aus der Foucault-Biografie von Didier Eribon

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>>> 04. 06. 2009 - 05. 06. 2009 Konferenz/Tagung Northern Heterotopias
>>> In a 1967 lecture entitled 'Of Other Spaces' [Des espaces autres]
>>> Michel Foucault elaborated on his lifelong fascination with space and
>>> spatial metaphors and presented the idea of heterotopia(s) through
>>> which he challenged dominant, unilateral ways to think about space and
>>> place. Foucault called our attention to the many "counter-sites", or
>>> multiple imaginations, experiences and inscriptions of space and
>>> identity, that can be found beyond the "fundamentally unreal"
>>> discourse of dominant utopias that seek to define, regulate, and
>>> confine particular places and people. In contrast to utopias, then,
>>> heterotopias "juxtapos[e] in a single real place several spaces,
>>> several sites that are themselves incompatible." (Foucault, 1986
>>> [1967] p25).
>>> Digressing from Foucault's original coinage of the term to
>>> re-conceptualize specific sites and places (cemeteries, cinemas,
>>> boats, brothels, etc), we interpret the idea of heterotopia, and the
>>> mapping logic of heterotopology, as an alternative way to think of the
>>> experience of space as a whole, and a conceptual lens through which to
>>> analyze and bring to light the multiple imaginations, experiences,
>>> embodiments, and inscriptions of space and place that are inherent in
>>> all sites. What, then, would a heterotopology of the (idea of) North
>>> look like?
>>> For this conference, we invite scholars, artists, storytellers,
>>> writers, poets and activists to examine different ideas, imaginations,
>>> experiences, and inscriptions of the North beyond hegemonic
>>> conceptions (the Great "White" North; hegemonic articulations of
>>> indigenism; the North and its 'untapped resources', etc.).
>>> We leave it up to participants to navigate through that contested
>>> space (discursive, physical, human) that is the North, and to identify
>>> both Northern utopias (or hegemonies) and the counter-sites they have
>>> silenced. Thus, we hope to bring together a broad range of voices and
>>> experiences that highlight the fundamentally plural (contradictory?
>>> cacophonic? contrapuntal? heteroglossic?) and heterotopic nature of
>>> the North.
>>> <http://northernresearchnetwork.electrified.ca/?q=node/304>

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