Paul Goodman on war spirit ...

>>>>> > " occasional fist fight, a better orgasm, friendly games, a job of
>>>>> > useful work...diminish the spirit of war because they attach people
>>>>> > to life." Paul Goodman
>>>>>> /"Probably the chief factor of war spirit that must be analysed is not
>>>>>> the military character nor the projection of the Enemy, but the
>>>>>> paralysis with which the vast majority of people of all countries accept
>>>>>> the war that they oppose both by conviction and feeling. This must
>>>>>> betoken an inner, fatalistic attachment to the feared disaster, and it
>>>>>> is best explained as 'primary masochism' (Reich): the hypothesis that,
>>>>>> because of their rigid characters, people are unable to feel their
>>>>>> pent-up needs, especially of sexuality and creative growth, and
>>>>>> therefore they dream up, seek out, and conspire in an external
>>>>>> catastrophe to pierce their numbness and set them free. The prevalent
>>>>>> conditions of civilian peace and meaningless jobs tend to heighten this
>>>>>> lust for explosion."/
>>>>>> /~ Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals/, 1962, p. 76--77
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>> MfG, Karl Dietz