Michael Harner (1929-2018)


> February 3, 2018
> It is with great sadness that we inform you that Michael Harner,
> Founder of the FSS and originator of Core Shamanism, transitioned
> early in the morning of February 3.
> He was supported in the days prior to his passage by his loving wife
> Sandra Harner and his devoted family. He passed peacefully out of this
> world and on to the next.
> We expect that there will be a celebration of Michael's life in the
> coming months.
> Michael's legacy lives on in this world through all of you — his tens
> of thousands of students and practitioners of shamanism. His work will
> continue into the future through the educational efforts of the
> Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
> Yours in spirit,
> Susan Mokelke
> President
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>>> "What Yogananda did for Hinduism and D.T. Suzuki did for Zen, Michael
>>> Harner has done for shamanism, namely bring the tradition and its
>>> richness to Western awareness," say Roger Walsh and Charles S. Grob,
>>> in their recent book, Higher Wisdom.
>>> Michael Harner, Ph.D., founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies,
>>> pioneered the return of shamanism and shamanic healing to contemporary
>>> life. He has done fieldwork in the upper Amazon, western North
>>> America, Samiland (Lapland), and the Canadian Arctic. His books
>>> include The Way of the Shaman, Hallucinogens and Shamanism and The
>>> Jivaro: People of the Sacred Waterfalls.
>> s.o.

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