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Announcement: Classification & Ontology: International UDC Seminar 2011
von Universal Decimal Classification von Aida Slavic
Classification & Ontology:Fromal Approaches and Access to KnowledgeThe
Hague, 19-20 September 2011Following the success of the 2009
conference we are very pleased to announce the next in the series of
biennial conferences devoted to the advancement of bibliographic
classification research, organized by the UDC Consortium and hosted by
Koninklijke Bibliotheek.The difference between bibliographic

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On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 1:18 PM, Karl Dietz <> wrote:
>> International UDC Seminar 2009
>> The
>> Hague, 29-30 October 2009
>> Following the success of the first International Seminar on UDC in 2007,
>> this the second in a series of biennial conferences is entitled
>> "Classification at a
>> Crossroads: Multiple Directions to Usability" and will take place on
>> 29-30 October 2009 in the UDC headquarters at the Koninklijke
>> Bibliotheek in The Hague.
>> The 2009 Seminar aims to explore how new developments in information
>> standards and technology influence and affect applications and services
>> using classification, Universal Decimal Classification in particular,
>> and its relationships to other systems.
>> The conference programme will highlight many ways in which
>> classification use can be improved. Attention will be paid to the
>> applications of classification schemes, UDC in particular, in supporting
>> multilingual access, user-friendly representations of classification in
>> resource discovery and semantic searching expansion and classification
>> application across distributed systems.
>> Papers are now invited from classification researchers and
>> practitioners, as well as information systems managers on the following
>> topics:
>> 1. classification and semantic technologies 2. classification in
>> supporting information integration 3. verbal and multilingual access to
>> classification 4. classification authority control and library systems
>> 5. visual representations/interface to classification 6. experiences
>> with classification outside the traditional library environment
>> ...
>> ORGANIZER: The seminar is organized by the UDC Consortium (UDCC) and
>> hosted by The National library of The Netherlands. UDCC is a non-profit
>> organization, based in The Hague, established to maintain and distribute
>> the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) and supports its use and
>> development. Today, the UDC is used at least in 125 countries. In 34
>> countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, it is the main classification
>> system used across national library and information networks.
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> das udc-seminar kostet sicher ebenso wie eine festschrift: GELD.
> das eine geht durch in inetbib. das andere nicht. to whom it may concern.

ich lass das mal stehen. tempus fugit ...

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> MfG, Karl Dietz