Gerardus Mercator * 05.03.1512 ... #GEOmooc

> 2015-03-05
>> Gerardus Mercator, inventor of the flat map and the atlas, was
>> born‪#‎OnThisDay‬ in 1512 in Flanders.
>> He made his most famous map in 1569, which rendered the curvature of
>> the earth in straight lines. This solution is known as 'the Mercator
>> projection', and is still in use today.
>> Mercator was educated in the Netherlands, and started out making
>> mathematical instruments. As well as being a skilled cartographer, he
>> was an accomplished engraver, calligrapher and publisher.
>> Explore more about his fascinating life via Europeana:
>> Image: Cartographer from 'The Temple... with engravings after Albert
>> Dürer'. The British Library. Public Domain.

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