UNESCO - World Day for Audiovisual Heritage am 27. Oktober ==

== UNESCO - World Day for Audiovisual Heritage am 27. Oktober ==

Audiovisual archives tell us stories about people's lives and cultures from all over the world. They represent a priceless heritage which is an affirmation of our collective memory and a valuable source of knowledge since they reflect the cultural, social and linguistic diversity of our communities. They help us grow and comprehend the world we all share. Conserving this heritage and ensuring it remains accessible to the public and future generations is a vital goal for all memory institutions as well as the public at large. The UNESCO Archives has launched the project "Digitizing our shared UNESCO history" with this very goal in mind.

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (WDAH) is a commemoration of the adoption, in 1980 by the 21st General Conference, of the Recommendation for the Safeguarding and Preservation of Moving Images. The World Day provides an occasion to raise general awareness of the need to take urgent measures and to acknowledge the importance of audiovisual documents.

In this way, the World Day also serves as an opportunity for UNESCO's Member States to evaluate their performance with respect to implementing the 2015 Recommendation Concerning the Preservation of, and Access to, Documentary Heritage, Including in Digital Form.


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On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 7:49 PM 

Den heutigen Tag, den 27.10.2007, hat die UNESCO zum World Day of
Audiovisual Heritage ausgerufen. Dazu der Genralsekretär der UNESCO,
Mr Koïchiro Matsuura:

"Audiovisual records - which is to say moving images and recorded
sound - provide us with valuable entries into the past. They draw us
into the collective dramas of our recent history, they allow us to
experience, firsthand, how an art was practised, they show us people
going about their business in settings that may have changed vastly,
and indeed going about business that may have changed just as much.
They tell us a great deal about ourselves and others, where we have
been, and what makes us what we are. Last year, at the 33rd session of
UNESCO'sGeneral Conference, the Member States decided to declare 27
October as World Day for Audiovisual Archives, noting that this
heritage is testimony "to the economic, political and social
development, the evolution of education, scientific knowledge, and
diversity of cultures of different nations and communities, as well as
to the evolution of nature and the universe...Safeguarding audiovisual
heritage is a very complex process requiring a range of legal,
institutional, technical, and financial solutions.

[!] Not taking action will result in the loss of entire chapters of
this heritage in less than ten years and lead to the irreparable
impoverishment of human memory, culture and identity [!]"